Rise & Shine supports Angus City Council through its mobile creche

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Many Syrian refugees who migrate to Dundee bring with them an array of skills and abilities that have the potential to enhance our community. To enable them to reach their full potential and integrate into the society, a good grasp of the English language is essential.

Angus Council organises English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) classes for these refugees. Teaching sessions are run in an interactive manner with classes available from beginners to upper-intermediate level. This provides a pathway to employment and education for many of the refugees.

Many of the Syrian families have taken advantage of this opportunity. However, some of them are excluded due to childcare barriers. Many of their children do not speak English, limiting their ability to communicate with crèche workers. Additionally, the traumatic experience of their difficult journey to the UK frequently cause separation anxiety and parents are afraid to leave their children alone

Recognising this problem, Angus Council invited Rise & shine mobile crèche to provide an on-site childcare service. The ESOL classes were initially organised in the local library where parents and children were placed in the same room. However, this arrangement caused many disruptions during the teaching sessions. We suggested a change of venue so the attendees can have a better learning experience while their children are being taken care off in a safe environment. A venue in Arbroath road was suggested by our team that suited the needs of the parents and the children.

As many of the children speak Arabic and know very little English, the Angus Council have requested for bilingual crèche workers. This enables the children to communicate their needs with the crèche staff. We provide age-appropriate toys and games such as Duplo, building bricks, soft play equipment and much more along with healthy snacks whenever required. Keeping children entertained while parents attend classes have allowed Angus Council to run their sessions with minimal disruption and maximum effectiveness.

Over the last year, Rise & shine has been providing mobile crèche services to Angus council twice a week. This collaboration between the two organisations has enabled Angus council to focus on conducting teaching sessions while we take care of the needs of the children. This partnership also enables parents to attend classes without worrying about their child’s well-being